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Script for Making Phone Calls to Representatives

To our Wind Warriors, it's time to take action.

On Tuesday, February 8th (Lobby day in Albany). please help us by calling three politicians: Governor Hochul, your Senator, and your Legislator. (of course you can call others if you wish). Below is a short script.


A list of your representatives and bullet points can be found under "Links".


Again, thanks for helping us get the word out.


Short script:

"Hello, I am wondering if you are aware of New York State's plan to install 50, 460' industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie from Hamburg to Dunkirk? Our group, the Citizens against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie, is trying to educate the public of the dangers of this potential destruction to our lake . It will change fishing, boating and possibly the shoreline forever.

Would you like more information on this project?"


Can I send more information on this project?


Do you want more information on our group?

Thank you very much for your time on this important matter...

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