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Resources and Sample Letters

On this page, you will find a bullet list of factors examples of letters you can use to send to your elected official.  select the text you want to use, copy then go to your email or blank letter and paste!

Click as a reference as to the factors involved with the proposed wind turbines in Lake Erie and our concerns about them.

Sample Letter #1

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.  Feel free to modify as you see fit.


Good morning to you!  Today I am writing to you to bring an awareness of a serious problem that is looming in our WNY community.  That is the placement of 50-100 Industrial Wind Turbines In Lake Erie.  Most Western New Yorkers do not know anything about this!  We need to get the word out with Bill Boards, Mailings and Lawn Signs to engage and educate our community.


Wind Turbines in Lake Erie would be a disaster because we obtain our drinking water from the Lake.  In fact over eleven million people do!  In that respect, water quality affects everyone, from residents to businesses, schools, industry, health care facilities, etc.  Virtually anywhere there is a water spigot, that water quality is dependent on that of Lake Erie.


There will also be a negative economic impact if Wind Turbines are placed in Lake Erie.  Tourism, Recreation, Fishing, Boating, Entertainment and Real Estate will all be negatively affected.  Placement 2-5 miles off shore and less than a mile apart will essentially create a wall of 400’-500’ eyesores creating navigational restrictions and aesthetic blight, lowering property value and the sea-scape beauty and blocking our sunsets!


Today, I am asking for your assistance and support to help the fight against placing Industrial Wind Turbines in Lake Erie!!  Our organization, Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (C.A.W.T.I.L.E) has been fighting this and previous attempts at placement of these turbines in Lake Erie for ten years!  We are a grass roots organization of diverse individuals ranging from industry professionals to aquatic experts to fishing charter captains to environmental activists!  Our group has done our homework and we are prepared to provide the evidence and research to demonstrate how this proposal will negatively impact our lake, its biology and our residents.  We have done all this with money out of our own pockets.  Will you please join us in this fight to prevent the installation of Wind Turbines in Lake Erie? 


Sample Letter #2

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.  Feel free to modify as you see fit.

"Hello, I am wondering if you are aware of New York State's plan to install 50, 460' industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie from Hamburg to Dunkirk? Our group, the Citizens against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie, is trying to educate the public of the dangers of this potential destruction to our lake . It will change fishing, boating and possibly the shoreline forever.

Would you like more information on this project?"


Can I send more information on this project?


Do you want more information on our group?

Thank you very much for your time on this important matter...

Sample Letter #3 Bullet Style

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.  Feel free to modify as you see fit.

I would like to discuss your position on the proposed Lake Erie Pilot Wind Project. 

First, there are a few facts that must be considered. 

Let’s start with the economics… 

  • So-called “Green Energy” will radically increase energy costs to consumers. We need only look to energy costs in Germany (pre-Putin) and England as a result of mandated Green Energy usage. Power costs there have increased 3x to 5x, and pushed Germany into a major recession. 

  • The increased cost of electricity to industry – a major contributor to production costs across all industries – will decimate NYS industry. How will our planned Electronic Chip Manufacturing fare with such high power costs? Your Green plans are contradictory to your economic plans. 


Let’s continue with Climate claims… 

  • Even the IPCC and independent climate scientist tell us that even if all western countries convert to so-called “green energy”, there will be no measurable effect on climate, even by the year 2100. Climate has been warming for 300 years without the help of anthropogenic CO2. 

  • This begs the question as to why you would push “Green” at all. 

  • China, Russia, Indonesia, and India are all going full speed ahead with Coal. Together they build about 2 new coal plants per week, and plan on increasing their coal use by 60% (their numbers) by 2030. China, Russia, and India all plan to go Nuclear by 2040 when new technologies are licensed. 


I would appreciate hearing your rationale for supporting a Lake Erie Pilot Wind Project (or ANY wind or solar project) given the scientific and economic realities outlined above. 

  • How will decimating NYS industry for the sake of “Green Energy”, while doing nothing regarding climate, benefit the people you purport to represent? 

  • How will your support for a Lake Erie Wind Pilot be a benefit to anyone you purport to represent? 

  • Why would you put a Pilot Project at the far western border beyond Dunkirk? Would you not want such a project to be placed in front of Hamburg Beach? Woodlawn? Athol Springs? You know, places where we can see the wonderful results of Lake Erie Wind? 

Sample Letter #4 Prose Style

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app. Feel free to modify as you see fit.

I would like to discuss your support for the placement of Wind Farms in Lake Erie. 


Wind Farms will greatly increase energy costs to NYS residents, both in taxes that support lavish subsidies for the Billionaire Class, and with increased electric rates to cover high Strike Prices mandated by the Government. The price increases from “going green” are guaranteed based on the experience of “climate leaders” like Germany and England, both of whom crippled their economies. 


The average NYS resident already finds it difficult to stay in NY because of absurdly high taxes and regulatory burdens driving out their jobs. The Net Zero push will only make it worse – much worse. How will we support the electricity intensive microelectronics industry proposed by Hochul if we must rely on expensive and unreliable Wind Energy? 


The NYSERDA report from last year estimated a strike price of $138/MWH for Lake Erie Wind, which does not even include grid connection costs. The price for conventional power is around $40/MWH. Are you telling your constituents what you are doing to them? 


Note also that none of these Wind projects will do anything to mitigate the so-called “climate emergencies” we are supposed to be solving (see IPCC reports / AR6). However, these policies will definitely have a devastating effect on what remains of our economy. “Green Energy” does NOT create jobs; it merely transfers jobs from an economically productive sector to a non-productive sector requiring massive subsidies. 


Meanwhile, with China, India, and Russia (as well as most developing nations) plowing ahead with coal (to be replaced by Nuclear by 2040), the NYS CLCPA will do nothing for climate (if that is your worry). 




1. What is your justification for supporting the massively expensive placement of Wind Turbines in Lake Erie, and imposing these costs on your constituents? 

2. Are you aware that the NYSERDA strike prices do NOT include energy storage costs needed for Net Zero? Are you aware of the prohibitive costs of storage and additional generation capacity needed for Net Zero? 

3. Are you aware that Net Zero is not economically possible, and probably not technically feasible? 

4. If you are planning a pilot project, why not place it in Hamburg where everyone can immediately see the benefits? 

5. Why would you not consider placing modular nuclear at existing coal fired plants and shutting down the coal. This avoids connection costs, and avoids wrecking the landscape with Wind and Solar installations. 


I look forward to your response. 

Sample Letter #5 Prose Style

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.  Feel free to modify as you see fit.

I would like to discuss your push to create Wind Farms on Lake Erie. 

To start, the massive cost increases associated with electrical power from Lake Erie Wind Farms will drain Taxpayers and Rate Payers. High taxes already make it difficult for families and businesses to stay in NYS. Increasing the financial burdens to support Wind Energy (subsidies and increased rates) will only encourage more families and businesses to leave. 

From the NYSERDA report – the MINIMUM Strike Price for Lake Erie Wind Power would be $138/MWH, whereas conventional power comes is around $40/MWH. Do you really want to saddle your constituents with price increases of 3-4x? (See what happened to “climate leader” Germany.) 


  • Are you aware that even the IPCC tells us that our Wind and Solar projects will have no measurable effects on climate (AR6)? 

  • Why are you willing to kill our economy with expensive and unreliable Wind and Solar power? 

  • Are you aware that China, Russia, and India are way in front of the USA in Next-Gen Nuclear technology? Are you aware that even the Biden Administration has warned that falling behind in Nuclear would be fatal to our economy? 

  • Are you aware that last summer, Sweden, England, Italy all voted to restart Nuclear projects 

  • Are you aware that Nuclear is the cleanest, safest energy source we have (other than hydro – which is already tapped-out), and that we have thousands of years nuclear fuel on hand? 

  • Are you aware that China, Russia, India, and most developing countries are going full-speed with new coal plants until they transition to Nuclear by 2040? What possible good will all these Wind and Solar Farms do regarding climate when the rest of the world is ramping up coal? 

  • Are you aware that the US is selling SMRs to Ukraine? Romania? Yet we don’t use them here? 


Final Question: I heard that a “Lake Erie Wind Pilot” is being planned for Dunkirk or Western Chautauqua County. If Lake Erie Wind is such a great idea, why hide it way out there? Why not put the project in front of Hamburg Beach where everyone can marvel at the investment of their tax dollars? 

I look forward to your detailed response. 

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