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Resources and Sample Letters

On this page, you will find a bullet list of factors examples of letters you can use to send to your elected official.  select the text you want to use, copy then go to your email or blank letter and paste!

Click as a reference as to the factors involved with the proposed wind turbines in Lake Erie and our concerns about them.

Sample Letter #1

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.


Good morning to you!  Today I am writing to you to bring an awareness of a serious problem that is looming in our WNY community.  That is the placement of 50-100 Industrial Wind Turbines In Lake Erie.  Most Western New Yorkers do not know anything about this!  We need to get the word out with Bill Boards, Mailings and Lawn Signs to engage and educate our community.


Wind Turbines in Lake Erie would be a disaster because we obtain our drinking water from the Lake.  In fact over eleven million people do!  In that respect, water quality affects everyone, from residents to businesses, schools, industry, health care facilities, etc.  Virtually anywhere there is a water spigot, that water quality is dependent on that of Lake Erie.


There will also be a negative economic impact if Wind Turbines are placed in Lake Erie.  Tourism, Recreation, Fishing, Boating, Entertainment and Real Estate will all be negatively affected.  Placement 2-5 miles off shore and less than a mile apart will essentially create a wall of 400’-500’ eyesores creating navigational restrictions and aesthetic blight, lowering property value and the sea-scape beauty and blocking our sunsets!


Today, I am asking for your assistance and support to help the fight against placing Industrial Wind Turbines in Lake Erie!!  Our organization, Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie (C.A.W.T.I.L.E) has been fighting this and previous attempts at placement of these turbines in Lake Erie for ten years!  We are a grass roots organization of diverse individuals ranging from industry professionals to aquatic experts to fishing charter captains to environmental activists!  Our group has done our homework and we are prepared to provide the evidence and research to demonstrate how this proposal will negatively impact our lake, its biology and our residents.  We have done all this with money out of our own pockets.  Will you please join us in this fight to prevent the installation of Wind Turbines in Lake Erie? 


Sample Letter #2

Use this sample letter to  write to your representative by selecting, copying then paste into your email or word processing app.

"Hello, I am wondering if you are aware of New York State's plan to install 50, 460' industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie from Hamburg to Dunkirk? Our group, the Citizens against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie, is trying to educate the public of the dangers of this potential destruction to our lake . It will change fishing, boating and possibly the shoreline forever.

Would you like more information on this project?"


Can I send more information on this project?


Do you want more information on our group?

Thank you very much for your time on this important matter...

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