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General Factors Involved with our opposition to Wind Turbines in Lake Erie
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Diamond Wind, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, along with other companies, are moving forward with plans to place massive wind turbines in New York State’s section of Lake Erie.  Here are our concerns: 


   Massive Industrial Project

  • Placement of up to 50 Industrial Wind Turbines from Buffalo to Dunkirk

  • 460’ Tall (or higher), as close as 2 miles from shore, 0.6 miles apart

  • Possible 3,200’ exclusion zone around each turbine.  No Fishing, No Recreation

  • Increased energy cost from $20/MWH to $95/MWH

  • High voltage cables to be buried in sediment

  • Power structures will be built to bring cables ashore to our towns


  Environmental Disaster

  • 21% of freshwater on the planet is found in the Great Lakes

  • Potential to contaminate drinking water for over 11 million people around Lake Erie

  • Construction will disturb and suspend polluted bottom sediments

  • May destroy fish habitat

  • Significant bird and bat mortality

  • Winter Ice and storms  may leak lubricants polluting our beaches and drinking water

  • Underwater archeological sites may be harmed


   Safety and Aesthetics

  • Border patrol RADAR effectiveness may be reduced

  • Possible placement near shipping lanes is dangerous

  • Our famous sunsets and lake views will be ruined

  • Property values and tourism values may decline

  • Do we know what the extreme winds and ice will do to wind turbines?


Lake Erie has suffered immensely at the hands of industrialization for over 100 years.  Now is the time to protect Lake Erie from further damage.  Demand Lake Erie stay free from development!

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